• The objectives of Zaghawa community association UK are to provide and engaging with community member in the uk and north Ireland  help and solve the  issues Zaghawa people face in daily basis .

Main objectives are

  • To reflect the wealth and culture of Zaghawa people globally .
  • To boost awareness, about education, economics, society, integration, and how Zaghawa in UK contribute in UK society.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion and debate of matters of special interest to Zaghawa and development
  • To provide information how to find job, accommodation, and right education.
  • To accommodate for the needs of zaghawa people by way of liaising with and/or linking them to the support structures/services available to them.

To promote friendship, goodwill and the communication of ideas among Zaghawa and other communities in UK as well as supporting and encouraging socio-cultural interaction among other people

Training & Education

Currently our plans are in motion to expand further the training and education in social problems and issues.

On going projects

  • Children project
  • Open day( Zaghawa culture day )
  • Youth Services Project
  • Information Advice & Referral Services Nearly/Recently concluded Events and Programs:
  • Training and employment program on different cities
  • Football league and other sport activities)

New Training & Employment Program

The Community has embarked on a special training program (‘Business Start-up Training’). The focus of the program is disadvantaged groups who are unemployed and wish to consider self employment

Education training and university access training and advices for all community member in the uk and North Ireland

We intended to do this new program because, unemployment is most prevalent amongst refugees and asylum seekers with multiple barriers resulting from labor market exclusion including: discriminatory labor market practice; lack of employability skills; language barriers; the benefit trap; poor levels of skills/qualifications and no or limited work experience in the UK.